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IRG 3: Directed Nano-assemblies and Interfaces for Advanced Electronics

The mission of IRG-3 is to control and characterize interfacial charge transport in directed nano-assemblies. This research is motivated by basic issues that relate to the performance of organic electronic devices, including photovoltaics, field-effect transistors, biological sensors, and memory elements. The scope covers the variety of important interfaces: metal/organic, inorganic/organic, organic/organic, and organic/biological. Our activities involve materials synthesis and processing, assembly, interfacial engineering, device fabrication and characterization. The members of this IRG include synthetic and physical chemists, material and device physicists, and theorists.

Participants: Bao (Coordinator), Fuller, Frechet, Frommer, Galli (Seed), Jones (Seed), Knoll, Liu (Seed), McGehee, Miller, Scott (Co-coordinator).

Affiliates: Frank, Full or partial support of 9 graduate students, 5 postdocs.

Other Collaborators: Swanson, Rettner, Bozano, Rothemund, Wallraff, Deline, DiSimone.

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