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IRG 1: Synthesis and Application of Nanostructured Materials

The mission of IRG-1 is to develop new synthetic and theoretical methodology that will allow the design, synthesis, and study of functional macromolecules with unparalleled control in molecular weight, polydispersity, end-group fidelity, and functionality. The assembly of these molecules to create new materials and nanoscopic structures will then be exploited with a key target being the understanding of the relationships among structure, property, and function. This primary knowledge will then be used to address technological challenges in novel hydrogels, approaches to biopolymers for regenerative medicine, nanotemplating, storage devices, and novel catalytic systems.

Participants: Balsara, Cha (Seed), Frank, Hedrick (Coordinator), Swope, Wade, Waymouth (Co-coordinator)

Affiliates: Full or partial support of 8 graduate students, 10 postdocs.

Other Collaborators: Milliron, Nelson, Pratt.

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