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Module 1
Probing the Unknown

* Topography of the Unknown
* Magnetic Forces of the Unknown
* Creating an Undiscovered World
* Creating a Probe for an Unknown Planet
* Probing an Unknown World

Module 2
Electricity and Magnetism

* Electric Current
* Static Electricity
* Magnetism
* Connecting Electricity and Magnetism
* Electricity, Magnetism, and Work

Module 3
Earth Science

* Erosion
* Model Lithologic Columns

Module 4
Materials & Environment

* Contamination of the Wetlands
* Pollution
* Recycling Polymers

RET Developed Lesson Plans

Other Educational Resources

Educational Resources for Teacher

CPIMA has been actively planning and creating educational materials for use in the K-12 classroom. Working with partners such as the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, as well as teachers and educators at different levels, CPIMA has created a number of educational modules.

The first, Module 1, was created as a part of CPIMA’s Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Program by participant Beth Rajan Sockman. This module, made up of entirely original activities and worksheets, was created to help students learn about instrumentation and the science of instrumentation. It covers themes ranging from topography to magnetic forces and can be used with any scientific discipline. The activities included in this module are ideal for middle school students, but are adaptable to both elementary and high school students. The module is also written so that it can be used in conjunction with a scientist’s visit to a class.

The second set of modules, composed of Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4, was created as part of a joint project between CPIMA and The Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose, CA). Its lessons are primarily for grades 3 to 8. Many resources were used in developing these modules and most of the activities included in the modules were adapted from various sources. Each module includes 4 helpful files: Suggested Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Notes, Student Worksheet, and Worksheet Key. These lessons were developed with the California State Science Content Standards in mind.

All of the modules mentioned are available for download from this site. Please feel free to use these activities to help augment your lesson plans. If you have feedback on any of the materials, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.

Thank you,
CPIMA Education Director