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Steven G. Boxer

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, Biophysical and Physical Chemistry, Chemistry, Stanford University


Telephone: (650)723-4482
Fax: (650)723-4817
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Stanford University, Stanford, CA (b. 1947). B.S. with honors 1969, Tufts University; Ph.D. 1976, University of Chicago. Phone: (650)723-4482, Fax: (650)723-4817, email:

Boxer works on structure and function in several biological systems with applications in biotechnology. Research topics include the mechanism of the initial events in photosynthesis, electrostatics and dynamics in heme proteins, physical chemistry of supported lipid bilayers, including the construction of interfaces between biological membranes, cells, and non-biological surfaces, and development of Stark spectroscopy, which is applicable to a wide range of molecules and types of transitions. Approaches include ultrafast-to-ultraslow absorption and fluorescence, magnetic resonance, FTIR, microscopy, photolithography, and recombinant DNA methods.

Selected Publications:

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