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Gerald G. Fuller

Professor, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University


Telephone: (650) 723-9243
Fax: (650) 725-7294
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Chairman of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (b.1953) B.S. Chem. Engr. 1975, University of Calgary; Ph.D. Chem. Engr. 1980, California Institute of Technology. Phone: (650) 723-9243, Fax: (650) 725-7294, Bingham Medal of the Society of Rheology, Fellow of the American Physical Society, NSF Presidential Young Investigator, President of the Society of Rheology

Our research concerns the dynamics and structure of complex, fluid-fluid interfaces subjected to flow. This experimental effort considers the use of optical probes such as polarimetry, Brewster angle microscopy, and fluorescence microscopy to probe the response of the microstructure of Langmuir monolayers to hydrodynamic forces. These optical methods are complemented by measurements of the mechanical properties of these films using a newly developed “needle” surface viscometer. The aim of this research is to establish the relationship between structure and the interfacial rheology of surfaces containing complex, amphiphilic species, such as polymers, lipids, and liquid crystals.