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As part of the Scientific Outreach activities of CPIMA, the Industrial Associates Program is intended to expand the scope of the university/industry interactions that are at the heart of our unique partnership among Stanford University, IBM Almaden Research Center and the University of California Davis. Through membership in the CPIMA Industrial Associates Program, a company having interests in polymer interface science and the applications of thin organic films would have the opportunity to both learn of the results of CPIMA research and to provide input into its direction.

Membership in the Industrial Associates Program allows company scientists to attend CPIMA seminars, workshops and satellite meetings; receive newsletters, progress reports and preprints; have enhanced access to faculty, graduate students and post-docs and to provide advisory input on the general research directions of CPIMA. An annual contribution of $25,000 is required. The annual contribution is an unrestricted gift, with no associated intellectual property rights.

List of partnering companies

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