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Agilent Technology Laboratories

Agilent Technologies will be the world’s leading provider of test and measurement solutions and communications components. The company’s products and services serve markets that include communications, electronics, life sciences, healthcare and semiconductor products, and contributed nearly $8 billion in revenues to HP during the company’s fiscal year 1998. In particular, the Chemical Analysis Group is a leading provider of analytical instrument systems that enable customers to identify, quantify, analyze and test the atomic, molecular, physical and biological properties of thousands of substances and products. Agilent Technologies also supports a central Laboratory the “Agilent Labs”, which is an important part of the world-renowned Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Our laboratories decided to join CPIMA because this center provides an interdisciplinary platform for the fundamental understanding of interfaces that play relvant roles in the sensing and physico-chemical behavior of biological and synthetic substances.

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